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White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters Find the Pair Game for Middle School

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

White Light, Dispersion, and Colour Filters Find the Pair Game for Middle School

An interactive learning solution designed for grade 5 to grade 9 students tasked with grasping light's physical properties under their Physics study sub-category. It makes teaching about White Light, Dispersion, and Colour Filters both enjoyable and memorable.

The Gameplay

The game involves teams of three to four students each engaging in a memory challenge based on the principles of white light, dispersion, and color filters. The objective is to lay out 42 question-and-answer cards face down in a square formation. Each player's turn involves flipping two cards with the hope they complete a correct question-and-answer pair.

Game Mechanics

  • If successful at matching a Q&A pair: Secure it.
  • If not successful: Flip cards back over before the next student's turn.
  • A level of challenge is introduced through reference books or teacher consultation using special answer sheets.
Key Knowledge Requirements:
  1. An understanding of spectrum color order,
  2. A grasp of dispersion that transforms white light into seven spectrum colors,
  3. An idea about speed variation among different light colors as they pass through glass,
  4. An ability to identify primary (red/green/blue) & secondary (magenta/cyan/yellow) light colors, and understand how they interact;
  5. A comprehension on why objects reflect certain colours versus others absorbed; .li

Instructors’ Preparation Guide:

    List bullets:
    1. Prepare by printing a double-sided set for each group – the sets can be laminated for extended reusability;
    2. Cut the printed pages into separate cards and it's ready to play!
    Note: This product can be used class-wide or assigned as homework.
    Share your feedback on this tool to help improve its capabilities and earn credit towards future purchases. This product is downloadable through Elf Off the Shelf Resources in Multiple File Types, though materials are not included in this package.

What's Included

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