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Long Lily Works Out Long Multiplication And Long Division (9-12 years)

Long Lily Works Out Long Multiplication And Long Division (9-12 years)
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About This Product

Long Lily Works Out Long Multiplication And Long Division (9-12 years)

Long Lily Works Out Long Multiplication and Long Division (9-12 years) is an interactive learning tool designed to assist educators in enhancing mathematics understanding in students aged 9 - 12. The product focuses on long multiplication and long division, both crucial mathematical concepts within this age tier.

Innovative Method of Learning

The resource provides a unique approach to teaching these essential skills, incorporating characters like Felicity Factor and Max Multiple. These lively cartoon personalities guide students through problem-solving exercises, adding an element of amusement and entertainment.

Presentation & Versatility

  • The resource is presented as worksheets spanning five pages available in PDF format.
  • This packet offers an ideal source for reinforcing schoolwork at home or supplementing other resources within the classroom environment.
  • Versatile in application, it can be used during group instruction time, small group activities or as homework assignments based on the teacher’s discretion.
Inclusion of Answer Keys & Tailored Instruction

The resource includes thoughtfully curated exercises along with answer keys that enable teachers to assess learners’ comprehension efficiently. The feedback received facilitates tailored instruction targeting specific areas for each student’s needs while also recognizing areas they excel in.

Suited Best for Grade Levels 4 Through 6
"Long Lily Works Out Long Multiplication And Long Division", assists children aged between 9 -12 years with math studies by infusing humor into traditional problem-solving tasks. This software makes complex subjects more relatable thus increasing pupil engagement.

TeachSimple's mission of simplifying education is encapsulated well within this resource. Key mathematical principles are conveyed in an easy-to-understand medium, thereby providing every child the tools required for successfully navigating key numeracy skills.

What's Included

5 pages

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