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Fantasy-Themed Math Escape Room Lesson 2

An educational teaching resource from Bundle LLC entitled Fantasy-Themed Math Escape Room Lesson 2 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Fantasy-Themed Math Escape Room Lesson 2: Engaging Teaching Resource

This resource is a unique teaching aid that merges the captivating world of fantasy with practical math skills. It is designed for students in Grades 4 to 6, aiming to enhance multiplication and division proficiencies while also applying critical thinking skills through problem-solving scenarios.

Exciting Quest in Learning Mathematics

The second lesson of this four-part series takes learners on an exciting journey, telling a story about a knight's quest to locate four legendary dragons and collect their scales. In this lesson, students are transported into The Eastern Woods where they must track down the elusive Forest Dragon.

  • Stone Wall and Enchanted Trees Activities: These challenges require just pen or pencil and paper, taking about 10 minutes each.
  • Fireflies and Dragon's Test: These exercises stretch critical thinking further with approximately 15-minute sessions.
Bonus Activity: How to Draw a Dragon

The package includes an extra activity for those who finish early—this fun interaction allows more involvement after completing all mathematical quests.

An Immersive Narratively-Driven Math Adventure!

In this adventure, students explore mist-covered lands, interpreting symbols that form puzzling phrases—all providing exciting puzzle scenarios they must solve! In addition to these puzzles are potential questions prompting them towards enhancing their problem-solving abilities further.

Versatile Application as A Teaching Aid

This tool can be used efficiently in whole group instruction, small group sessions or as thought-provoking homework assignments; proving its value not only for homeschool setups but also as ideal classroom tools in public schools too. Transform your regular study times into delightful adventures in math learning today! Choose the Fantasy-Themed Math Escape Room Lesson 2—a tool guaranteed to ensure enjoyment and productivity in learning.

What's Included

Materials Needed:

- Pen or pencil

- Paper

Introduction (5 minutes)

Activity #1: Stone Wall (10 minutes)

Activity #2: Enchanted Trees (10 minutes)

Activity #3: Fireflies (15 minutes)

Activity #4: Dragon’s Test (15 minutes)

Extra Time Activity: How to Draw a Dragon

Conclusion/Review (5 minutes)


It wasn’t too far to The Eastern Woods. You tether your horse to a nearby tree and take

a look around.

Before you is The Eastern Woods. It is surrounded by a wall of mist and swirling blue

smoke. It looks like the wall of smoke goes on forever in either direction. As you

approach, you know enough not to touch the smoke; it looks like dark magic. Instead,

you start to walk the length of the wall looking for a place to enter the woods.

You spot some symbols floating in the smoke. As you look more carefully, the symbols

knit together to form words. (SHARE: Slide #2) Maybe if you can figure out the meaning

of the words, you can find a way into The Eastern Woods.

Possible Questions:

What is your plan for solving this puzzle? What math vocabulary words do you notice in

this puzzle? What do those words mean? How can you use those words to help you

solve this puzzle?

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fantasy math escape room multiplication division problem-solving

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