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Louisiana State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal)

Louisiana State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal)
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About This Product

Louisiana State Flipbook

The Louisiana State Flipbook is an exceptional educational tool designed to appeal to grade 2-4 students. It presents an engaging and interactive approach to learning Louisiana's notable elements across different curriculums like Language Arts, Art & Music, and Social Studies. The subjects encompass comprehension, grammar, reading, spelling writing, coloring the U.S history with a concentrated focus on Louisiana geography.

Exploring the Major Symbols

This hands-on flipbook research project lets students explore five key symbols of Louisiana:

  • The capital city - Baton Rouge,
  • The emblematic bird - the Brown Pelican,
  • The prevalent flower - Magnolia,
  • The official flag with its historical relevance, and
  • The state animal -the Black Bear.

Detailed Themes:

It consists of seven main themes that probe into eclectic aspects of this Southern locale:
    A comprehensive detailing about Louisiana's state capital, An in-depth study of the unique characteristics of this location, A geographical understanding of this Southeast region locale, An illustrative analysis including known bird species amongst others. Reading comprehension activities and spelling corrections exercises, Holistic art modules encouraging drawing or coloring, English Language Arts extending all way round grammar mechanics over prose exercises., Social Study modules extensively covering Geography & History.
Inclusive yet detailed in its content design and functionality, this resource assists students by using illustrations along with informative text to enhance understanding lucidly. The teaching tool comes as a PDF for practicality while offering two printing options balancing skill development and academic learning efficiently making it a must-have resource in any instructional toolbox- ideal for whole group instruction or small center training sessions.

What's Included

37 PDF pages

Instructions for 4 easy-to-assemble flipbooks

2 printing options (cutting and no cutting)

2 design options (pictures and without pictures)

7 topics (Louisiana's state capital and other facts, state bird, state flower, state flag, state animal, state map, and KWL)

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Louisiana State Flipbook Teaching Resource Cross-Curricular Geography

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