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Nebraska State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal)

Nebraska State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal)
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About This Product

Need an engaging, hands-on way to teach and review the state of Nebraska and its symbols? Look no further than this flipbook research project!

Perfect for elementary teachers and homeschoolers alike, this LOW PREP resource covers five of Nebraska's major symbols—its capital, bird, flower, flag, and animal—and more through an interactive, cross-curricular activity.

It contains two printing options: one that requires cutting and one that doesn't. It also contains two design options: one with pictures and one without. In total, there are four flipbooks.


Nebraska, Midwest region, or U.S. states unit study or review

  • Writing lessons or centers

  • Social studies or history class

  • ...or just for fun!


    37 PDF pages

  • Instructions for 4 easy-to-assemble flipbooks

  • 2 printing options (cutting and no cutting)

  • 2 design options (pictures and without pictures)

  • 7 topics (Nebraska's state capital and other facts, state bird, state flower, state flag, state animal, state map, and KWL)

    Help your students become experts in all things Nebraska! Whether you're looking for an introduction to the state or an assessment of prior knowledge, this resource has something for everyone. 


    Art (drawing and coloring)

  • English language arts

  • Geography

  • Grammar

  • History

  • Reading

  • Research

  • Science

  • Social studies

  • Spelling

  • Writing

    Are you interested in helping your students become experts in other U.S. states? From Alabama to Wyoming, you can explore each state and its major symbols—its capital, bird, flower, flag, and animal—through cross-curricular activities. Each day's lesson plan appeals to different types of learners: curated videos (visual and auditory), reading passages (reading), research report pages (writing), interactive notebook and other activities (kinesthetic), and more. Click on the link to my profile to learn more about my 5-day units, including Nebraska!

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