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Magnetism Fully Resourced Lesson Plus Animated Investigation

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Dive deep into the magnetic world with this fully detailed lesson on permanent magnets and electromagnets, tailored for middle school educators and their students. Enhance the classroom experience with both knowledge-focused lessons and an engaging animated investigation.

Overview of the Lesson:

  • Discover which materials can transform into magnets, focusing on iron, cobalt, nickel, and their alloys.

  • Grasp fundamental concepts like how unlike poles attract and like poles repel.

  • Visualize and understand the unseen magnetic field surrounding magnets through illustrative field lines.

  • Delve into the strength of the magnetic field, noting its relation to the proximity of the field lines.

  • Discuss the Earth’s magnetic behavior, where the Earth showcases a south-type pole at its magnetic north and vice versa.

  • Break down the workings of devices that rely on magnetism, such as electric bells, circuit breakers, and relays.

This Magnetism Fully Resourced Lesson Plus Animated Investigation comes with the following:

  • A zip file with a PPT presentation, another PPT with the answers and a PDF with a complete preview of this Magnetism Fully Resourced Lesson Plus Animated Investigation. This preview includes Learning Outcomes as well as a sample lesson plan showing the core activities and the students' activities.

Lesson Resources Include:

  • An animated PowerPoint presentation complete with an exit ticket quiz.

  • A complementary answer PowerPoint and mark scheme.

  • Engaging activities like 'Flip it', 'Anticipation Guides', and a 'Foldable'.

  • Informative worksheets, fact sheets, and homework sheets with answers provided.

  • A pupil self-assessment to track progress.

  • A recommended lesson plan highlighting the possible routes using the resources.

All of the resources included may be printed and put to use right away. The students' worksheets may be handed out to students as the topics are covered, or all at once for them to keep on their individual folders. Additionally, the presentations can be shown to the whole class, or to small groups of students.

The lesson is designed so that it may be implemented individually, in small groups, or in whole class formats. Furthermore, these may be implemented in the classroom, or online.

This Magnetism Fully Resourced Lesson Plus Animated Investigation resource is really all you need for your students to learn about magnetism!

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