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Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Latitude, Longitude and Time Zones

Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Latitude, Longitude and Time Zones
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Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Latitude, Longitude and Time Zones

This teaching resource is perfect for third to fifth-grade educators focused on teaching students how to read and create maps. Students will delve into the elements of a map including lines of latitude, longitude and also distinct time zones.

This versatile tool can be used in various educational environments such as traditional classrooms, or even in a home-schooling scenario. It adapts well to whole-group instruction or can be broken down into small group workshops focusing on different aspects.

The resource leverages the power of Google Earth™ technology. This interactive feature allows students to manipulate visual representations - strengthening their understanding of theories.

  • Topographic and choropleth maps:
  • This function makes geographical features tangible. It focuses on countries globally as well as North America's states and provinces providing deep insights about diverse global geographies.

  • Reading passages:
  • Included reading supplements cater to an improved literacy standard while aligning with the Common Core State Standards requirements. These passages enhance subject understanding.

  • Interactive elements:
    1. Crossword puzzles help in reinforcing new knowledge learned while keeping pupils engaged
    2. A word search element is present which assists in homework assignments or revision before assessment periods

    Comprehension Quiz Included

    A comprehensive quiz included within this package aids Teachers track progress made by educating using our pedagogical materials. Mapped For Success : Mapping Skills with Google Earth aims to instill mapping skills by fusing technology with traditional teaching methods. Transforming theoretical knowledge into an immersive, practical learning experience.

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