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Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Map the World

Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Map the World
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Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Map the World

A comprehensive teaching resource ideal for third to fifth-grade learners. Its key focus is to teach students essential map reading and creating skills through modern, technology-aided means.

Vital Geographical Concepts:
  • Lines of Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Time Zones

It uses Google Earth™, which allows a more visual and interactive learning experience. This approach not only expands knowledge on maps but also allows exploration and appreciation of geographical and cultural features.

Inclusive Learning Experience:

Packed within this bundle are academic activities like informative reading passages perfect for diverse learning styles.

The range of activities include:
  1. Crossword Puzzles - Aimed at improving memory retention power regarding longitude or latitude facts.
  2. Word Searches - Designed to stimulate intuitive thinking around related terms or phrases upon completing individual lessons.
  3. Comprehensive Quizzes - Serve as an assessment tool after each lesson section. Efficient in gauging student understanding while keeping them engaged.
Educational Alignment Standards:

This resource adheres strictly to Common Core State Standards besides aligning with Bloom's Taxonomy. Hereby, ensuring factual richness ready towards meeting curriculum objectives head-on from various fields like social studies; seen beneficial for educators set on providing concise geography lessons through digitally-enhanced resources.
Relevant for both small or large group settings — be it classroom-based discussions or homework assignments.

Mobility Aspect:
Specifically packaged as a PDF file type—its portability is maximised to ensure easy access whenever needed, at a teacher's discretion.

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