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Mardi Gras Color By Code Coping Skills Activities

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About This Product

Are you looking for different ways to celebrate Mardi Gras in your office or classroom this year?! This color by number activity is a great way to review coping skills with your students! If you’re looking for engaging ways to teach coping skills in your counseling lessons, then these worksheets are for you!


Students will be able to identify and utilize appropriate coping skills when their emotions become too much

The purpose of these color by code worksheets to help teach students different calming strategies and can even be incorporated into your classroom social emotional learning lessons, small groups, or individual counseling lessons!

These Mardi Gras activities are perfect to help student practice their coping skills while promoting emotional regulation.

Not only can these worksheets be use to help introduce coping skills to your students, these worksheets can be used to help students practice their active listening skills and teaches them to follow directions by coloring specific numbers with specific colors to complete the picture. 


Are you planning on using these in small groups? Fantastic! When you use these worksheets in a small group, students can practice waiting for their turn and promotes patience as students wait for others to finish coloring their numbers!


Want to take these skills a step further? While coloring the pictures, you can cultivate a great discussion on different situations that students can use the specific coping skills for. Remind them not every coping skill works for every person or every emotion!

What's Included?

  • 9 Different Pictures

  • 54 Different Coping Skills

How Can I Use These?

  • Individual Lessons To Review Different Coping Skills

  • Calming Strategy Small Groups

  • Whole Class Lesson on Coping Skills

  • Morning Meeting SEL Activity

  • Busy Binder Work

Add these to your seasonal activities and help students learn to calm their big feelings!

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