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Match The Shape - Hands on Activity Book

About This Product

The "Match the Shapes" activity book is an interactive and fun educational tool designed for young children who are learning about shapes. The activity book comes in a downloadable format that can be easily assembled by the parent or educator, following the included instructions.

The activity book consists of nine pages, each featuring a different shape, such as a square, circle, triangle, rectangle, and more. The learner is then presented with a group of nine different shapes and asked to choose the one that matches the shape on the page. The shapes are laminated and have Velcro attached to the back for easy attachment to the book.

Once the learner selects the correct shape, they can then place it onto the corresponding page in the book which is also laminated. This hands-on activity helps the child develop their problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and visual discrimination abilities.

Teaching matching shapes is an essential skill for young children to learn as it is the foundation for more complex concepts such as pattern recognition, geometry, and spatial reasoning. By mastering this basic skill, children can gain confidence in their abilities and develop a solid foundation for future learning.

"Match the Shapes" activity book is an educational tool that provides an engaging and interactive way for young children to learn about shapes. By helping children develop their matching skills, this activity book can set them up for future success.

Follow the directions included in the download. Set your printer to print landscape. Laminate all pages and cut on dotted lines as well as cut out all the individual shape cards. Velcro where there is a velcro symbol. This book can be coil bound or three hole punched and placed in a binder or used with binder rings.

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What's Included

14 page downloadable PDF

Shapes included










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