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Sort/Group Non-Identical objects - early learner activity

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The activity involves sorting and grouping different non-identical items, which can be used to develop cognitive skills such as categorization, visual discrimination, and problem-solving.

To begin the activity, the learner is presented with a sorting picture.

Pictures include in this activity:



ice cream bar









happy face

The next step is to provide the learner with six corresponding sorting cards, each picture non identical to the sorting picture. The items on the sorting cards may vary in color, size, shape, and other attributes, which allows the learner to practice visual discrimination and identify key characteristics of each category.

The learner's task is to sort/group each individual sorting card to the correct sorting picture. This requires the learner to analyze and compare the different items, and determine which picture they belong to based on their similarities and differences.

As the learner progresses through the activity, they can be challenged to group the items in different ways, such as by color, size, shape, or texture. This encourages the learner to think creatively and develop flexible thinking skills. This early learning sorting activity provides an engaging and interactive way to develop cognitive skills and promote learning in a fun and playful manner.

This activity is easy to create and is clean and clear of visual distractions which allows the learner to focus on the task at hand. First print and laminate all cards, then cut out the individual sorting cards and velcro to the corresponding picture activity mat. If have a coil binder you can coil bind this activity, or else you can three hole punch the mats and put them in a binder or use binding rings for many years of teaching and learning.


I'll Figure It Out

IFIO girl

What's Included

A PDF with 30 pages.

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