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Matching Emoji's Emotion Clip Cards For Pre-K and Early Elementary

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About This Product

Product: Matching Emoji's Emotion Clip Cards For Pre-K and Early Elementary

Embarking on the journey of emotional intelligence is fun with the resource, Matching Emoji's Emotion Clip Cards For Pre-K and Early Elementary. An essential tool in enhancing social-emotional learning, it provides educators and homeschoolers with an engaging method of teaching young students to identify different emotions based on facial expressions.

This versatile resource packs in ample application scope whether you’re:

  • Conducting whole-group instructions
  • Focusing on small group activities
  • Holding individual sessions or assigning them as homework.

These emotion matching clip cards are specially curated to help children recognize basic emotions like: 'happy,' 'sad,' 'angry,' 'silly,' 'surprised,' 'disappointed,' excited,’ and ‘calm & cool’.

The first set: pairs words with corresponding emoji images - promoting word recognition while simultaneously teaching kids how to discern between different facial expressions.

The second set: features emojis representing various feelings above a trio of names for potential emotion matches; soliciting advanced students' deeper cognitive engagement as they identify which text correlates best with each expressive face.

Brightly coloured pages infuse life into this PDF toolset,

  • Includes both full-colour versions along with black-and-white ones for those seeking ink-friendly alternatives while giving youngsters the creative outlet colouring in their favourite figures.
  • A vital teacher's aid that not only simplifies emotional identification but paves a path towards developing bonds through shared emotive understanding, increasing empathy levels among students.
  • The product comes ready-to-use spanning across 12 pages providing immediate access once downloaded directly from without necessitating any external applications functionalities making it convenient bear-friendly substitute traditional flashcards resources alike general education settings homeschool classrooms alike countering any grade specific restrictions versatile nature caters wide range grades giving equal accessibility all round.

If you're looking to add a resourceful, engaging and handy teaching tool to address the social-emotional learning of your pre-K and early elementary students, Matching Emoji's Emotion Clip Cards can be an outstanding addition.

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