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Matching Emotions With Facial Expressions Worksheet

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

This emotions matching worksheet is perfect to help first and second grade students who are beginning to learn emotions with facial expressions. Use as a morning meeting activity, individual session dive in, or even with a Push-In lesson! This matching activity uses a word bank that students can match each emotion to the character they feel is best portraying that emotion. Some of the emotions are trickier to identify, so an answer key is included! Students can also reflect when done on why they chose the specific character for the emotion!


Using this resource in an activity binder for the student I have found to be super helpful! Students love to engage in fun matching activities, and while they engage, they get to continue their growth! I often will add this worksheet to a busy work binder that students can use during morning meeting or when throughout the day when they have finished other lessons and have some extra time. This also is a great addition to any emotions based lesson!

Included in this product

  • One Emotions Matching Worksheet

  • Answer Key

Ideas for Use:

⭐Individual Lessons

⭐Push-In Lessons

⭐Group Lessons

⭐SEL Morning Meetings

⭐Busy Binders

⭐Addition to Emotions Packet

What's Included

Included in this product

One Emotions Matching Worksheet

Answer Key

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