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Math Book: Counting 0-5

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About This Product

The Math Book: Counting 0-5 is the perfect printable workbook for your students to practice counting numbers! It is jam-packed with activity pages that allow the student to count pictures, put numbers in order, connect the dots and so much more!

This is the first book in a short series of early number books for young children.

This book can either be used as a workbook for a child to work through, or it can be used as discrete worksheets. The worksheets are in sequential order with concepts and skills building upon each other and they are intended to be used as such to provide the child with a secure foundation in math skills.

These books can be used alone or alongside another math programme for further practice activities.


31 pages

Activities include:

Pages to learn to write each number 0 to 5.

Colour the right number of objects

Count and write the number

Colour a given number of objects in each set

Count and circle the correct number

Draw the right number of objects

Drawing the same number of objects

Pages to introduce the vocabulary more than and less than

Matching activities

Simple number-ordering activities

Activities to introduce biggest and smallest numbers


A simple layout and minimal text make it suitable for young/special needs children. The teacher can read he text, or early readers will find the minimal text and clear font easy to read.

Who can use this Math Book: Counting 0 to 5?



Kindergarten/EYFS teachers

Private tutors


Who is this math book suitable for?

It was written with the young child in mind but has been used with older children with special needs.


See also:

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What's Included

1 PDF file with 34 pages in total;

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counting numbers counting worksheet counting printable math numbers

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