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Math Center: Santa Roll and Dot

Math Center: Santa Roll and Dot
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About This Product

Math Center: Santa Roll and Dot

Math Center: Santa Roll and Dot is a comprehensive learning tool aimed at improving early math skills in students. Key proficiencies, such as number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and addition up to 10, are enhanced using this resource. Notably, the active participation it encourages makes numerical learning fun!

What's Inside:

  • A 13-page PDF with captivating game boards arranged per page.
  • Fully colored version along with black & white equivalent for printing convenience.

How it works:

In implementing this resource into your teaching methodology, each child is assigned their own board game for paired play. Students alternate turns rolling dice (two variants provided), count the face-value dots displayed and then color or daub their board's corresponding number. First to cover all their numbers claims victory!

The product usefulness doesn't end there! Seamlessly integrates into educational clusters including winter-themed lessons or curriculum related to gingerbread houses or Christmas happenings.

  • Suitable options available from boards indicating numbers 1-6 up until those displaying numbers 1-12.
Sustainability & Adaptability:

Durable board games just need to be printed; supplied with crayons/bingo daubers along with dice – plunging them right into interactive education! For sustainable use? Try laminating colored boards which can be re-used using counters in lieu of markers.

. Helpful Tip:This material performs optimally when offered as a supplemental activity reinforcing traditional lecture-style teachings. Suitable across varied settings like whole-group activities/small group breakout sessions or even homework assignments! Fits best for early learning stages from Preschool to Kindergarten specifically within Holiday & Math educational modules.
Files Included:
  • All resources come available in a downloadable PDF file format.
  • A total of 13 well-crafted pages changing the dull into entertaining – all while accomplishing education!
Add vibrancy to your classroom with Math Center: Santa Roll and Dot. Cultivate an environment where education is twined with entertainment as students roll dice, spot numbers, and dot on!

What's Included

1 PDF with 13 usable pages

Resource Tags

math center number recognition addition one-to-one correspondence interactive learning

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