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Measurement: Lengths & Weights - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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Measurement: Lengths & Weights - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC

We offer a meticulously curated didactic asset catering to educators seeking comprehensive, curriculum-oriented resources for teaching Measurement in Math, focusing primarily on lengths and weights. This product is ideal for students in Grades 3 to 5 and delivers an immersive learning experience through a blend of pre-assessment activities and a structured lesson plan.

The material can be flexibly utilized not just in classroom instruction, but also for small group activities or as homework assignments. Specifically designed for Mac software, the content correlates with Common Core State Standards and STEM initiatives.

  • Dual Language Support: Unlike many English-only resources, our tool features both English voice-over and text along with a Spanish option hence making learning more inclusive.
  • Incorporated Math Tools: Hands-on math tools within these materials foster enhanced comprehension of measurement concepts while encouraging active participation in problem-solving tasks.
  • NCTM Principles Compliance: The content development aligns with rigorously checked NCTM principles (National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics), nurturing professional-grade math education standards.

In alignment with our commitment towards supportive education resources that effectively bridge teaching objectives with learners' academic progress while honoring diversity, "Measurement: Lengths & Weights" resource stands out perfectly. Purchase today for beneficial instructional outcomes grounded in sturdiness and flexibility!

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