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Measurement: Lengths & Weights - Practice the Skill 2 - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

FLASH-MAC: A Dynamic Teaching Aid for Length and Weight Measurements

As an exceptional teaching software designed explicitly for students in grades 3-5, FLASH-MAC aids in mastering the foundational mathematical topic of measuring lengths and weights. It is ingeniously crafted to align with The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the widely accepted Common Core State Standards.

Focused Practice on Conversion Skills

This revolutionary product focuses on enhancing conversion skills concerning length and weight measurements via engaging exercises that promote familiarity with both imperial and metric systems.

An Ideal Interactive Resource for Classroom or Homework

  • Ideal supplement for lesson plans involving measurements.

  • Potential as an efficient homework tool promoting continued learning at home.

  • A flexible resource allowing instructors to tailor their teaching approach according to individual student needs or whole class dynamics.

Incorporation of Innovative Math Tools:

Inclusive within the software are practical math tools specifically designed as learning aids. These assist significantly in solidifying concepts taught during regular classroom hours.

Bilingual Support - English & Spanish:

To cater inclusively, FLASH-MAC comes equipped with text options in both English and Spanish accompanied by relating voice overs. This feature enhances understanding among bilingual learners along with aiding students who rely more on auditory than visual cues.

Promoting Real-world Application Skills:

Above all, this software takes a significant leap towards fostering skill sets centered around length and weight conversions that extend beyond merely textbook knowledge into potent real-world application scenarios.

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