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Measurement: Memory Match Game - MAC Software

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About This Product

Measurement: Memory Match Game - MAC Software

A teaching resource tailored for the digital age. This innovative tool turns learning into an exciting game, promoting understanding of measurement concepts from an early age.

Primarily designed for students in preschool through second grade, this memory match game deals with key measurement questions reinforced by the Five Strands of Math curriculum. This interactive approach encourages students to engage directly with each task, reinforcing their ability to comprehend and recall core math principles.


  • An alignment with common Core State Standards and STEM initiatives solidifies its place as a valuable asset in boosting learners mathematical competence
  • Written to NCTM standards; assuring educators that it meets top-tier pedagogical guidelines

Note: From counting blocks in preschool to understanding lengthier units of measurements in second grade levels-- every component contributes towards creating a robust mathematical foundation for young learners.

Ease of use:

The software is compatible with MAC systems -- embedded within a downloadable zip file -- hence implementing this resource can be achieved effortlessly across different learning formulations.

  1. Deploy it using individual computer stations during study time or incorporate it into small group activities for collaborative educational experiences.
  2. Incorporate as fun homework assignments, this tool guarantees informative learning away from traditional textbook translations.
Ode Relating Game theory & Maths:
"Think beyond classic memory card matches; let your students explore the world of measurements through an engaging digital puzzle that combines fun gameplay and impactful education together!"
Motivating Quote for Teachers :
"Remember: The magic behind successful teaching is always centered around dynamic resources that infuse enthusiasm into substantive knowledge gains – with Measurement: Memory Match Game - MAC Software certainly setting itself apart as one such supplementary educational enhancer!"

What's Included

1 zip file with MAC software

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