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Measurement Practice Packet

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Here is a hands-on measurement practice packet designed for kindergarten and 1st grade students.


Students will practice with height, capacity, length and weight. If you are just introducing measurement to your students, this is a great starter packet. The measurement poster can be hung up around the room, on a bulletin board or inserted into student notebooks for visual reference. The pictures on the posters are a visual reminder of what each measurement means.


There are 6 pages to this resource:

1.     Measurement poster

2.     Easy matching measurement page with pictures

3.     Difficult matching measurement page with words to match pictures with sets 1&2

4.     Pictures to cut out

5.     Practice quiz page, 1 is easy

6.     Practice quiz page, 2 is more difficult


Print out what you desire to use on card stock or heavy computer paper. Laminate or use laminate sheet protectors.


Cut out all pictures and laminate them (especially if you want to reuse this often or in a classroom).


To adhere pictures, use poster putty or Velcro dots. You can also place the resource on a cookie sheet and use dot magnets.


This practice packet can be used as an early finisher activity or during math centers.

What's Included

A printable 6-page PDF

Resource Tags

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