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Media Arts Workbook: Grades K-2

An educational teaching resource from Ready-Ed Publications entitled Media Arts Workbook: Grades K-2 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

The Media Arts Workbook: Grades K-2

Perfect for educators, this downloadable, 57-page PDF file is the go-to guide for introducing media arts to young learners in both school and homeschool environments.


This workbook emphasizes learning for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students. It delves into various elements of media arts through direct instruction and interactive activities, with sections including:

  • Sound
  • Image Formation
  • Photography
  • Responsible Practice

Each module aids in a comprehensive understanding of the different forms of media arts.

A Glance into Section Detail:


An exploration of an often overlooked part of our environment, the Sound section heightens students' awareness about its integral role in their daily lives.

Image Formation & Photography:

The subsequent sections on Image formation and Photography foster creativity while honing observation skills and enhancing visual literacy. They also show how images can narrate potent stories or convey meaningful messages.

'Responsible Practices':

The final section teaches responsibility when using digital platforms & sharing information online - reinforcing that enjoyment doesn’t mean shirking responsibility! This crucial segment also comes with an answer key for easy student work evaluation by teachers!

Possible Applications

This versatile resource fits many teaching situations:

  • In-class whole group instruction during media arts period;
  • Focused small group activity;
  • An engaging homework assignment; or
  • '
  • An independent study guide during extended school breaks.

Bonus - there are no print restrictions on this resource, making it all the more convenient for multiple educators to use over time no additional cost!

In conclusion, The Media Arts Workbook: Grades K-2 deftly balances modern pedagogical methods with engaging content, making it suitable for today's digital age learners.

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