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Media Literary and Deepfake Awareness Training — High School ELA

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Media Literacy and Deepfake Awareness Training for High School ELA

The Media Literary and Deepfake Awareness Training for High School ELA is a comprehensive teaching tool designed to enhance the overall comprehension skills of students in Grades 9 to 12.

By incorporating this necessary resource into your Language Arts curriculum, you'll be helping students navigate the complicated and evolving realm of deepfakes - false images, videos, or audios created with AI technology.

About Deepfakes:

  • This unit introduces learners to the history, science, and future implications of deepfakes.
  • The focus lies not just on transmitting knowledge but also sparking critical thought and prompting discussions related to video manipulation's potential societal impact.
  • It aims at promoting research about how an informed society can address this growing peril.


The downloaded package has multiple designed elements for an engaging learning experience:

  • 'Deepfake Awareness Training' presentation file: This initiates students into the topic with a light-hearted internet video clip on deepfake. It includes a detailed explanation about what constitutes deepfake technology; its historical context; a link to a ten-minute news story addressing its dangers.

  • The Basics of MLA Style PowerPoint presentation with Worksheets:: This tool assists with essay formatting teaching combined with worksheets along with answer keys complementing these presentations.
  • .
  • Socratic Seminar discussion activities (7): This encourages student debates directly related to training presentations and reading assignments aligned within Common Core rubric standards CCRA.W.4 and CCRA.SL.1.
    Note: This package encourages individual or group learning sessions alike and acts as an engaging homework project.

  • Five Paragraph Argumentative Essay Assignment: The closing assignment involves writing an argumentative essay proposing approaches to counter deepfake impact on society. also provided.' aided by thoughtful response questions.

Note: With the sensitivity of the topic, teachers are advised to exercise caution when students investigate deepfakes on their own.

This resource is stocked with 17 Pages and 34 Slides including print-ready, bookmarked, and adjustable PDF files and PowerPoint Show files. It is tailor-made for modern-day classrooms navigating digital terrain filled with mirages!

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