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Meet the First Ladies

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History: USA


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Meet the First Ladies: Your Ultimate Teaching Resource

Meet the First Ladies is a groundbreaking resource that adds depth to Social Studies' instruction for students in Grades 3-6. This revered source shines a light on a vital yet often overlooked part of U.S history—the First Ladies.

American History Through The Lens Of Its First Ladies

The goal of Meet the First Ladies is to provide comprehensive and engaging biographical sketches about these remarkable women who have served alongside presidents. Each detailed profile invites collaboration, critical thinking and fosters research skills, offering teachers an excellent tool for both classroom discussion or independent study at home.

  • Intriguing Life Snapshots:This standout feature covers die-hard facts about life during respective time periods such as their fascinating anecdotes - like Martha Jefferson's soap concoction methods!
  • Bonus Trivia: You'll be surprised to uncover interesting tidbits like how some first ladies were not wives, but instead daughters or relatives!
  • Cross-cutting Themes :This resource expertly combines academic rigor with captivating human-interest elements, stimulating learners’ interest.

User-friendly & Versatile Packaging

Your purchase comes neatly packaged in one easily accessible PDF file containing 162 print-ready pages. Whether you're homeschooling or instructing public school students, these lesson plans accommodate all learning styles and abilities—making lesson preparation seamless for busy educators.

Elevated Learning Experience With Meet The Frist Ladies

Treat your learners to more than just another textbook; plunge into enthralling timelines and unravel compelling tales preserved within America's journey across centuries with Meet the Frist Ladies.!

What's Included

1 PDF with 162 ready to print pages

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