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Memory Book: End of the Year Awards

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End of Year



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About This Product

The Memory Book: End of the Year Awards

This versatile teaching resource is designed to create lasting memories for your students. A perfect tool for educators and homeschoolers with 39 different student awards or class superlatives, it offers an end-of-the-year celebration that acknowledges each student's unique attributes and achievements.

Versatility & Customization

No matter the size of your class, this product has all the flexibility you need. You can present these awards by:

  • Conducting a voting session among students
  • Making the decision yourself
The pack also offers miniature versions for peer-to-peer awarding, so every pupil gets to appreciate their classmates.

Note:The only rule when allocating awards among fellow students is inclusivity- ensuring everyone receives at least one recognition.

Craft Your Memento Book!

If you are interested in creating memento books, there are resizing options included. Compile a collection of accolades for each student easily!

Presentation & Accessibility

All 39 recognitions come with full-sized visuals in a .pdf file accompanied by individual .png files for size adjustments according to your preference.
Added bonus - A PowerPoint file with templates for resizing along with both color and black & white versions of the accolades.

Acknowledge Every Learner!

From athleticism and organization skills to teamwork abilities and attentive listening - there's something here that will make every learner feel acknowledged and commemorated! In essence, this creative tool not only adds fun during your last week of school but ensures no one feels left out! So mix things up on end-of-year holidays - give out these awards and foster so much joy within your classroom!

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