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About This Product

Do you have fun pages that students fill out at the beginning or end of the year? Do they write about themselves, tell their favorites, write about fun memories throughout the school year? This product could be a great addition to what you already have, or you could pair it with some of my memory book page products. Having a fun keepsake for students to make is always fun. I love having students create one the first few weeks of school, then another one at the end of the year. They love to see how much they've changed during the school year.

This product has 2 options for students filling out pages about summer. One page has a boy/girl option. These pages allow students to write about what they're looking forward to in the summer. You could pick one to do. Or, you could give students the option of which one they'd like to complete.

Printing Note: If you want students to color in the bubble letters, you may need to print in color. It will all still print in black and white, but the color setting will keep the bubble letter effect. You can check this before printing on the print preview page. Click on black/white or grayscale to see if the effect changes. If it does, make sure to hit color.

What's Included

You will get a pdf with 3 pages. There are 2 separate pages, one with a boy/girl option. One has information provided to help guide students through it. The other is more open ended, so you can pick what's best for your students.

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