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Mexican Government: Elections & Political Parties Gr. 5-8

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Mexican Government: Elections & Political Parties Gr. 5-8

Dive into an enriching journey that charts the course of Mexican history, politics, and justice with this educational resource. Entitled 'Mexican Government: Elections & Political Parties Gr. 5-8', it provides a comprehensive snapshot of Mexico and its inherent striving for liberty and independence.


Designed to be implemented in diverse settings – be it group study, individual learning or homework assignments - this teaching resource offers an intriguing exploration into how Mexico's Constitution has been crafted to curtail absolute power concentration in any one person or branch of government.

  1. Constitutional Provisions: The material commences with a detailed examination of Article 3 of the Mexican Constitution. This provision emphasizes everyone’s right to education – a provision reflecting values grounded in fairness, access, and equality.
  2. The Revolutionary Constitution: Discussion around why abolishing slavery was integral to their revolutionary 1917 Constitution - opening windows for students into ideas about human rights and independence that transcend borders.
  3. The Executive Branch: Students can explore various departments such as Health, Environment,Tourism,and Agriculture providing different perspectives on governance functionality.
  4. The Main Political Parties: Equipped with information around political parties giving learners comprehension about dynamics involved when societies are guided by varied ideologies.
Creative Thinking Skills And Additional Learning Activities
  • This guide encourages students to think creatively about leadership skills required as head of state stimulating creative thinking on leadership traits .
  • Incorporates additional tasks from writing exercises designed per Bloom's Taxonomy principles
  • Included quizzes ,crosswords , word searches make learning fun enhancing concept retention.

Format and Content

Comprehensive yet compacted within efficient confines; this educational resource is compiled into a single, user-friendly PDF comprising of 25 ready-to-print pages. It offers transformative learning for Grades 5 -8 especially assisting those studying social studies with focus on government segment. Each page is imbued with practical and theoretical knowledge on the subject of Mexican government's structure, functions and ideals. Make learning about Mexico's Government more experiental thus enriching their understanding of world governance using 'Mexican Government: Elections & Political Parties Gr.5-8' as your trusted teaching compendium.

What's Included

1 PDF with 25 ready to print pages

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Mexican government elections political parties social studies

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