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Mixed Media 3D Snowmen

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Mixed Media 3D Snowmen

The Mixed Media 3D Snowmen is a meticulously designed teaching resource primed to immerse students into the captivating world of art. This comprehensive and user-friendly presentation aids educators in guiding learners through the process of creating engaging, three-dimensional Snowmen using a variety of artistic techniques.

While principally targeted towards third-grade students, it's flexible enough for use with fourth to sixth graders. It expertly weaves creativity and enjoyable learning experiences to enhance visual arts skills in an ideally seasonal theme—perfect for the winter holidays.

What's Included?

  • A total of 17 well-prepared PowerPoint slides showcasing vital information about different elements of art, principles of design contributing towards crafting this unique winter-themed masterpiece.
  • Elements like value or shading, cool colors, visual movement are discussed in each slide with questions promoting critical thought-provoking responses from learners.
  • Rather than simply providing directions for constructing the 3D snowman artworks, it provides guidance on employing varied teaching strategies effectively and offers tips for implementation without any hitches.
  • All-inclusive success criteria and a list detailing all necessary supplies including: pencil(s), paper(s), Sharpies, crayons, oil pastels, watercolors and watercolor paper can be found inside too.
The Mixed Media 3D Snowman project – opens endless opportunities letting children express their creative flair whether utilized as whole group learning tool or broken down into smaller sections or even assigned as homework tasks. This Microsoft PowerPoint file type allows effortless operation across different devices without experiencing compatibility issues. Leading your class remotely or sitting with them in person within traditional classroom settings—this interactive project guarantees engaging hands-on sessions while bolstering students' comprehension towards critical aspects of artwork—all conveyed within distinctive wintertime vibes!

What's Included

A 17-slide PowerPoint Presentation including:

Teaching strategies and tips

Learning goals

Informational text about value, cool colors and movement in art

Questions for critical thinking

Success Criteria

Media/Supplies List

Step-by-step directions with visuals

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