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Modern Abstract Digital Scrapbook Paper

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Graphic Arts



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About This Product

Modern Abstract Digital Scrapbook Paper: A Unique Educational Resource

The Modern Abstract Digital Scrapbook Paper is a unique resource designed specifically for educators who are craving a modern, versatile tool to enhance their teaching experience. This product is tailored to all grades and focused on Art & Music, particularly in the subcategory of Graphic Arts, and offers numerous possibilities for stimulating student creativity.

Bright Pastel Aesthetics

This collection boasts an eclectic compilation of original hand-drawn abstract digital papers. They feature a bright pastel aesthetic that readily catches the eye. Expertly curated, the collection emulates modern design trends - making it an essential asset for teachers who value contemporary visual tools in their lesson preparations and delivery.


  • High-resolution JPEG files: Each set contains 10 high-resolution JPEG files ensuring clarity when projecting illustrations during class discussion or distributing printed copies as worksheets.
  • Multifaceted use: These designs can also be used as eye-catching binder covers or artistic backgrounds on classroom bulletin boards.
  • Creative organization of materials: These scrapbook papers serve as distinct dividers within binders or folders – even potentially color coding different subjects or topics!
  • Vibrant projects: Transform ordinary homework assignments into vibrant projects that students will enjoy working on at home.
  • Digital convenience:Apart from being attractive templates for Instagram showcasing student artwork online or highlighting important school events, it's linking technology with education effortlessly.

In Summary...

The Modern Abstract Digital Scrapbook Paper serves as not just an educational resource but also doubles as a creative tool for educating students beyond traditional boundaries. The added artistic appeal within the classroom takes this resource a step further than conventional instructional resources.

What's Included

What you get:

- 10 high-resolution JPEG files

- 10 high-resolution PDF files

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