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Modern Floral Digital Paper

An educational teaching resource from Fairways and Chalkboards entitled Modern Floral Digital Paper downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Modern Floral Digital Paper: Ideal Teaching Resource

The Modern Floral Digital Paper is an ideal teaching resource for educators navigating public school classrooms or guiding homeschool curriculum. They’re carefully hand-drawn, delicate pastel graphics that serve as a fantastic supplement to various academic modules.

Contemporary Floral Motifs

Set in soft yet enticing colors to keep learners engaged, this digital paper has contemporary floral motifs. Its intricate design elements add a touch of modern aesthetics to any material used in the classroom.

Versatile Use Across Diverse Platforms and Mediums

  • 10 high-resolution JPEG files alongside 10 high-resolution PDF files included.
  • ZIP file format consisting solely of graphics for easy digital use or printing options based on your needs.
  • Suited for multiple platforms - binder covers, scrapbooking, web/blog designs and Instagram templates for educational purposes.

Suitability spans all age groups giving teachers various applications - whole-group lessons on computer literacy skills or split assignments where students develop their coding skills using these backgrounds!

Creative Utilisation in Education

  • Incentive stickers during homework reviews.

  • Badges during collaborative projects.
In Summary

This resource exudes functionality from its intrinsically decorative design down to its user-friendly aspects – making it truly one-of-a-kind among teacher resources and clip art tools. Its versatility suits all age groups equally well. A must-have addition to every educator's toolkit; invest in the Modern Floral Digital Paper today!

What's Included

ZIP Files consist of graphics.

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