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Neutral Teacher Digital Planner Stickers

Neutral Teacher Digital Planner Stickers
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About This Product

Neutral Teacher Digital Planner Stickers

The Neutral Teacher Digital Planner Stickers are specially designed tools for educators that bring creativity to the planning process. They take shape like hand-drawn doodles, creating a resemblance of realistic stickers in any digital planner, journal, or notepad.

Key Features:

  • White borders with shadow edges and transparent backgrounds for added aesthetic appeal
  • Rotatable and adjustable in size to meet personal needs
  • Categorically named as PNG files for simple selection
  • Able to be used multiple times per sticker increasing utility.

This resource consists of a total of 26 carefully planned stickers. These mark professional events like "Assignment Due" or "Conferences" and leisure notes such as "FriYAY" or an upcoming "Vacation". There are also special days such as “Jeans Day,” “Teacher Work Day,” and even “Sick Day” available along with indicators marking grading periods .

"Neutral Teacher Digital Planner Stickers"are provided in two forms:
  1. PNG files (individual)
  2. A pre-cropped GoodNotes file structured into a landscape planner page along with two portrait pages prepared for immediate importing into preferred journals or planners.
  3. Possible Uses:

    Incorporates elements from Art & Music within its subsubject - Graphic Arts making it useful universally across various educational settings right from classrooms down to homeschooling environments.

    • Groups can use them during collaborative work sessions as visual cues,
    • Individuals may use them during solo projects providing clarity on tasks ahead.
    • They could become interesting homework assignments where students might need of snapshot event reminders helping develop self-discipline in task management skills.

    In essence, the Neutral Teacher Digital Planner Stickers merge artistry with functionality to aid efficient planning and teaching. They serve as a versatile tool for educators, be it in a public or homeschool setting gradually enhancing their organization and planning methods.

What's Included

There are 26 stickers included, which come in 2 different formats:

- 26 Individual PNG files

- Pre-cropped GoodNotes file (in a landscape planner page and 2 portrait planner pages ready to import into your favorite journal or planner!)

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