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Moon Walk: History - Hands On

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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Moon Walk: History - Hands On

Step into history with the Moon Walk: History – Hands-On educational resource. This exciting teaching tool brings vibrant lessons about mankind's lunar voyage right to your classroom! Designed specifically for Grades 1 through 4, it enriches any social studies or history curriculum focusing on American History.

The thrill of space exploration is encapsulated within this product, immersing students in fascinating facts and extraordinary visuals. The uniqueness of Moon Walk lies in its blend of interactive activities aimed at fostering curiosity, enhancing critical thinking, and promoting profound interest in our journey beyond Earth.

Interactive Features

  • A comprehensive lesson plan packed with creative activities, transforming theoretical histories into tangible experiences.
  • An interactive module suitable for whole class teachings or small group assignments emphasizing American History between Grades 1-4.
  • Detailed role-plays based on real events that align with Common Core standards. Students can experience being an astronaut or recreate pivotal mission moments.
  • Clever design focused on practical retention instead of mere rote learning aligning with contemporary pedagogical trends.

All you need is a basic PDF reader to convert your classroom into Cape Canaveral!

This sophisticated educational aid has the potential to transport students back to that monumental day; July 20, 1969. Whether used as homework material or incorporated within teacher-led sessions promoting active participation—every usage promises deep understanding and genuine joy of learning.

Experience history like never before with Moon Walk: History - Hands On!

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