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Mozart Hour (Genius Hour Project)

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7

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About This Product

The Mozart Hour: An Innovative Teaching Resource

The Mozart Hour is a Genius Hour-styled teaching resource primarily designed for students of 4th to 7th. It distinctively treads upon the realm of music education by emphasizing on renowned composer, Mozart. Given its interdisciplinary nature, it serves as a potential choice for educators who wish to break away from traditional teaching confines while exploring the creative domains of Art & Music subjects.

Main Features:

  • Ease-of-use and adaptability - suitable for in-person classes or remote teaching scenarios.

  • All instructions and guidelines are given via Google Slide Deck,, facilitating easy communication with students.

  • The package includes:

    • A 'Shark Tank'-esque pitch presentation session,

    • Blogs as platforms for sharing insights on their assignments,

    • A final product presentation encapsulating their learning journey.

No structured mini-lessons would be included specifically on writing blogs or creating pitches. However, this can enable self-initiated research skills in learners. Included also are resources like rubrics, success criteria hints etc., that serve beneficial in guiding your pupils' progress.Please note certain aspects such as dates and expectations may have to be modified according to your class's requirements.

This educational material comes packaged conveniently as Google Slides™ ensuring utmost ease during digital delivery.

In Conclusion:
Mozart Hour stands out not just due to its unique confluence of musical learning with typical pedagogy but also owing to its alignment with diverse lesson environments while promoting creativity among students.

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