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Project: Team Sports Research

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Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Team Sports Research Project

Dive into the exciting world of team sports with an engaging research project specifically designed for grade 6 to grade 8 students. This digital educational resource is centered around the subjects of social studies and health/physical education, paying special attention to subtopics like USA history and overall physical wellness.

The key content of this product is delivered through Google Slides - a platform that truly makes it a breeze for virtual instruction during periods of remote learning. It offers streamlined instructions and clearly set expectations, helping guide students towards accomplishing their research goals with minimal supervision.

In terms of structure, this project involves:

  • Amply research activity

  • A focus on various aspects related to team sports.

  • An investigation into how significant historical events have influenced modern-day sports.

This dual focus allows for an all-in-one experience that cultivates both mind and body knowledge. Despite its comprehensive nature, please note that a teaching guide is not included with the purchase. However, educators will find ample support in formulating lesson plans from our detailed student instruction layout provided in Google Slide format.

A distinct feature we've included in this unit is:

a rubric – a valuable tool teachers can employ to assess student progress or assign grades based on specific performance criteria outlined by it.

Finally, keep in mind this project isn't just about following points from A-to-Z; it's about letting creativity thrive within limits! As such, at completion stage pupils will present their findings creatively via presentation means they feel most comfortable with – definitely adding some extra flavor to your online classrooms!

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