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Multiplication and Division | Academic Workbook for 3rd Grade

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About This Product

Multiplication and Division | Academic Workbook for 3rd Grade

An all-encompassing teaching resource, this academic workbook is equipped with 40 pages of practical and engaging math exercises focusing on multiplication and division. A versatile tool that can be utilized for both in-school students and home-learners alike.

Primarily Based on Foundational Skills

  • Introduces students to the core ideas of multiplication and division.
  • Focused exploration of situations involving groups and whole numbers in multiplication.
  • Detailed understanding of dividing without remainders, along with emphasis on fact families to establish correlation between multiplication and division.

Dives into Complex Facets

The workbook transitions towards more complex facets such as multiplying whole numbers by multiples of ten or dividing multi-digit dividends by single-digit divisors.Subsequent sections tackle diverse scenarios like:

  1. Dividing two-digit dividends with or without remainders.
  2. Breaking down borders while working with three- to four-digit dividends.

Promotes Estimation Skill Development

A crucial aspect this material focuses on is getting students comfortable with estimation—sharpening their skill in estimating sums along with differences through a series of productive tasks.

Versatility: From Whole Group Instruction Sessions to Small Group Activities

This tailored need approach enhances the versatility even further.In addition, assorted pages containing one-to-two questions serve optimally for spontaneous assessments like exit tickets validating learning efficacy from time-to-time effectively.

Easily Accessible PDF Format & Final Wordings
The effectiveness of this workbook shows it's clear that this brings forth a comprehensive solution for grade 3 math education, duly aiding in expanding educators' teaching tool arsenal.

What's Included

1 PDF with 40 ready to print pages

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multiplication facts multiply whole numbers division facts estimation math workbook

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