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Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x4

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x4

The Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x4 is a specially designed learning resource meant to assist educators in teaching the concept of multiplication. Ideal for second to fourth-grade students, this tool practically relates multiplication to repeated addition, making it easier for young learners to understand.

Comprising three varying versions, educators have a choice in selecting the most suitable format that aligns with their students’ requirements maximally. The flexibility provided by these different versions serves as a way of accommodating diverse learning styles and levels within your classroom setting.

Focus of This Teaching Aid

The primary focus of this teaching aid is to benefit both public school teachers as well as homeschoolers looking for engaging ways to illustrate mathematical principles effectively. Featuring 38 pages packed into one efficient PDF file, it's created with simplicity and convenience at its core – simply print out the mats and you're ready for an enriching lesson.

Educator's Role & Orientation
  • Cubes: Each mat illustration is adorned by cubes that efficiently support stu­dents on their math journey.
  • Visual aids: It acts as visual aids reinforcing conceptual understanding and retention in learners' minds.
  • Variety uses: Teachers can optionally use these mats not just during class but also send them home as interesting homework assignments or facilitate small group activities where each team gets hands-on interaction with the mat they've been assigned.
Beyond Instruction: Ability to Adapt

An additional commendable aspect of these Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats is their adaptability beyond merely an instructional resource. They shine as incredible tools for decorating bulletin boards or embellishing student notebooks integrating Math lessons creatively into daily school life while subtly reminding students about what's been learnt.

In Summary

In essence, Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x4 succeeds at simplifying math instruction while enhancing learner engagement significantly - an invaluable resource catering to modern education demands.

What's Included

38-page PDF

Resource Tags

multiplication repeated addition visual aids hands-on learning conceptual understanding

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