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Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x6

Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x6
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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x6: An Effective Teaching Resource

A phenomenal resource specifically designed for educators intending to enhance their student's grasp of multiplication concepts. With a careful blend of pedagogy-aligned design and interesting visual aids, these mats present an exciting bridge between classroom learning and practical application.

Methodology Employed

The tool employs sets of cube graphics to visually represent multiplication theory. This unique approach allows students to physically interact with the material, bolstering their understanding through tactile learning.

Versatility in Application

This resource is available in three differentiated variants, allowing teachers to adapt the material based on their learners' comprehension level and learning pace. Ideal for either whole class teaching or small-group breakout sessions, this tool can be used as interactive material or assigned for additional home practice.

How To Use:
  • Print out the resource from the provided 38-page PDF file.
  • Distribute amongst students.
  • Proceed with your hands-on math lesson!

Add Aesthetic Value to Your Classroom!

In addition to its pedagogical advantages, this set also doubles as a decorative element for your classroom. Brightly colored arrays bring life to mathematical equations when displayed on bulletin boards or even within student notebooks - making every part of your teaching encounters visually engaging!

In conclusion...

The Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x6 are an ideal aid for any educator eager transition from theory-based instruction towards a more practice-intensive approach - blending everyday life scenarios seamlessly into conventional math lessons. Secure your copy today!

What's Included

38-page PDF

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