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"My Pronouns Are..." Desk Tags

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

This resource comprises a collection of My Pronouns Are..." Desk Tags designed to promote an inclusive and respectful classroom environment. These desk tags provide students an opportunity to express their personal pronouns, facilitating open dialogue about individual identities and fostering mutual respect.

This My Pronouns Are..." Desk Tags set contains 10 printable variations, each allowing students to write their specific pronouns and exhibit them on their desks. This simple yet powerful tool aids in fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding, where every student feels seen, respected, and acknowledged for who they truly are.

The primary intention is for these My Pronouns Are..." Desk Tags to be displayed as desk name tents, creating a visually appealing and constant reminder of each student's chosen pronouns. However, flexibility in their use is provided, as they can also be taped down flat on the desks if preferred.

The resource comes as a convenient single PDF file that contains 10 ready-to-print pages. Each page features a unique design, providing a range of choices for students to pick from. This ease of use ensures that teachers can effortlessly integrate these tags into their classroom, helping to build a community where diversity is embraced and respected.

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