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Name Plate Labels in Candy Land Theme - 100% Editable

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About This Product

Name Plate Labels in Candy Land Theme - 100% Editable

Name Plate Labels in Candy Land Theme - 100% Editable is designed with an exciting candy land theme, bringing vibrancy and cheer to any student's desk. This engaging teaching resource, fully customizable and 100% editable, will surely enthrall students while providing a splash of color to the classroom environment.

The provided file type for this pedagogical tool is Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling educators worldwide to easily adjust the textual and graphical elements on the name plates.

Resource Specifications

  • The resource includes two different size formats incorporated within its seven pages.
  • A large format measuring 10 x 3.8 inches with alphabets & numbers. This format serves as an effective continual visual reference for elementary students mastering foundational literacy and numeracy skills.
  • A smaller format sans alphabets & numbers of size 8.5 x 2.5 inches catered towards older students who require lesser instructional support but continue to value a whimsical touch in their learning atmosphere.

Versatility & Applications

This versatile teaching tool can be utilized across various applications including whole-group decorating tasks or small-group projects which encourage personal ownership over individual learning spaces both at home or school settings alike.

This product underlines that every educational gadget shapes conducive atmospheres for learning; even slight details such as nameplates significantly contribute towards creating fun-filled environments which nurture creativity amongst students while engaging them vastly during lessons. At its core, Name Plate Labels in Candy Land Theme - 100% Editable sits snugly at the crossroads of attention to specifics and flexible instructional practice promising enriched classroom aesthetics without compromising adaptability that caters equally well across varied learning capacities.

Note: This product caters effectively across all grades, acting as a solid aide for educators intent on enhancing their teaching environment both in terms of resources and decors.

What's Included


The ppt file consists of 7 pages which includes

- 4 pages - 10 x 3.8 in Name Plate with alphabets & numbers

- 3 pages - 8.5 x 2.5 in Name Plate without alphabets & numbers

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candy land name plates customizable vibrant classroom decor

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