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Name Plate Labels in Owl Theme - 100% Editable

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About This Product

Entitled Name Plate Labels in Owl Theme - 100% Editable, these owl-themed labels are a fantastic addition to classroom decor, enhancing the learning environment for students. They provide identification for student desks as well as fostering a vibrant educational setting. These resources are entirely editable; conveniently provided in Microsoft PowerPoint file format they are adaptable to various classroom settings and preferences. You can modify the text and graphic elements easily via Microsoft PowerPoint.

The downloadable .ppt file contains seven pages:

  • Four pages include 10 x 3.8 inch name plates decorated with alphabets & numbers specifically designed as quick reference aids during independent or small group work.
  • If you seek further customization depending on your class setup or learners' individual needs, there are three additional pages featuring blank 8.5 x 2.5 inch name plates without alphabets & numbers that can be edited per your specific requirements.
This resource is not grade-specific hence caters to educators teaching various subjects but is specifically valuable if you aim to enhance your classroom aesthetics with unique graphics-based decors. This isn't just a stylish resource, it is a completely customizable tool at your disposal. You control every aspect of modification ensuring maximum ease-of-use via Microsoft PowerPoint. The Name Plate Labels in Owl Theme -100% Editable standout as an innovative solution; engaging students more passionately and propelling them towards greater academic success.

What's Included


The ppt file consists of 7 pages which includes

- 4 pages - 10 x 3.8 in Name Plate with alphabets & numbers

- 3 pages - 8.5 x 2.5 in Name Plate without alphabets & numbers

This products comes in editable version in PowerPoint file (ppt) with some prewritten texts and also blank pages

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