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Nativity Early Years Cirriculum Inspiration Guide

Nativity Early Years Cirriculum Inspiration Guide
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About This Product


This pack is themed around the christian christmas celebration and the

nativity story. It contains learning resources to develop young children’s

skills in writing, mathematics, science and motor skills.


This pack contains a range of different resources designed to be used in

multiple flexible ways. Our curriculum are rich in open ended resources as

we believe in tailoring each activity / lesson to a child’s individual

development. This guide contains some SUGGESTIONS on how you could

use the resources included in this pack. This is by no means an exhaustive

list and is designed to be a ‘starting point’ for you to develop your research

and curriculum.


The early years range is used to describe children below the age of 6 (in the

UK), these packs are designed to assist children of this age to develop key

skills needed for the future. Naturally, there is a huge difference between a

child of 1 and a child of 5, therefore not all activities will be suitable for all

ages. Most of the resources in this pack are designed to be used by children

aged 2-5 however with adaptation older and younger children will enjoy

joining in the activities. Most of these activities lend themselves to being set

out in an ‘activity’ area or ‘play space’ to allow the child to choose what

activities to complete and when. Child-led learning is a valuable part of the

early years stage.

Please Note: To see all items listed in this guide, you can check out other products under "Nativity"

All the illustrations included in my products are lovingly hand-drawn and painted by myself.

What's Included

8 Printable pages in PDF Format

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