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Nelson Mandela: Father of South Africa

Nelson Mandela: Father of South Africa
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



Sue Peterson
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About This Product

Nelson Mandela: Father of South Africa

Nelson Mandela: Father of South Africa is an engaging educational resource designed for upper elementary grade students (grades 3 to 6). This material walks students through the real-life narrative of former South African President, Nelson Mandela, and his struggle against apartheid. Students will be introduced to apartheid, this government policy that separates people of different races. They will learn that South Africa's first fully democratic election held in 1994 elected Mandela as president. He continued to work to promote peace and human rights along with supporting other causes after his term as president.

Improving Interest and Proficiency in History, Social Studies, and Language Arts

  • Cultivates interest in history and social studies

  • Strengthens language arts skills such as reading, vocabulary expansion, and written expression


The text is versatile, suitable for read-aloud sessions in whole-group settings or independent reading. It can also be used for literacy circles or paired reading in smaller groups.

Including Supplementary Worksheets

  • Reinforces comprehension skills

  • Builds vocabulary

  • Utilizes spelling techniques

  • Provides writing practice

Nelson Mandela: Father of South Africa is designed without specific leveling to accommodate varied reading levels within upper-elementary grade classrooms, offering versatility for educators in different classroom settings. It is guaranteed to deepen your students' comprehension of historical events and figures while improving crucial literary skills.

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