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New Kid - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

New Kid - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6
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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

The New Kid - Literature Kit Grades 5-6: A Comprehensive Study Guide

For teachers and homeschoolers, this comprehensive literature study guide offers the opportunity to delve into themes of discrimination, identity, and resilience. Anchored in real-world experience and the challenges of being the 'new kid,' this resource empowers critical thinking by asking students to navigate complex socio-cultural landscapes like our fearless protagonist Jordan.

Augmented with scaffolding strategies and thoughtfully aligned with state standards as well as Bloom's Taxonomy, each activity aims to develop comprehension skills. The narrative concepts are woven into tasks grounded in curriculum that facilitate application of lessons. Descriptive exercises build empathy for Jordan Banks’s journey through his first day at an elite private school wrestling external stereotypes.

Interactive Lesson Plans

  • Prediction activities based on initial character impressions
  • Analyzing cause-and-effect chains from Jordan's interactions
  • Sequence exercises related to events during holiday breaks
  • (great for individual reflection or group discussions)

      Enhance Analytical Capabilities & comprehension skills With Fun Comparative Games such as:

      "This or That."

      Flexible Teaching & Learning Tools For Multiple Student Approaches:
      1. In-class group format
      2. In small grouped sessions
      3. Suitable even for homework assignments

      Besides that, subject-based worksheets focused on relevant chapter titles linked with real-life situations are provided which make learning fun along with crosswords & word searches.

      Comprehension quizzes allow performance analysis; offering a clear understanding of students progress regarding the novel plot.

      The resource comes as a single downloadable PDF file with the whopping 55 ready to print pages - designed specifically for classroom use,

      Study Guide Core Focus: For Grade 5 and Grade 6 language Arts anchored under Literature Studies. This study guide stands true to its aim: being an effective assistant for educators to conduct both literary narratives & thematic discussions concerning potent, prevalent societal issues.

      The New Kid - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6 :

      A splendid tool aiding educators in narrating lessons tied up with the impactful plot of the novel >b>'New Kid'.

      This kit equips students for broader understanding as they step into the resilient shoes of a 'new kid' baptized under adversity – emerging as a beacon of courage and tenacity.

What's Included

1 PDF with 55 ready to print pages

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