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New Year Around the World | One Step Equations Digital Escape Room

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

The New Year Around the World | One Step Equations Digital Escape Room is a groundbreaking educational tool. This innovative resource successfully merges fun and elementary math concepts, namely the solving of one-step equations. By offering an engaging and challenging virtual escape room, it fosters learning in a unique way!

Join an exciting journey to New York, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo. Yes, your students will virtually visit these amazing cities while grasping important mathematical concepts.

This activity prompts students to solve one-step equations embedded within an intriguing plot—traveling between cities! The target is simple yet fascinating—to explore these grand cities by solving 40 different one-step equations. Each solved puzzle unlocks a fresh location teeming with interactive activities and hidden messages that are bound to grip young learners.

  • Not only is this platform incredibly engaging for students but also effortless for teachers to implement. Only duplicating answer sheets and providing the associated link is required!
  • No need for Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins; access via computers, tablets or smartphones suffices.
  • This digital escape room aligns flawlessly with Common Core State Standards CCSS.6.EE.B.5 and CCSS.6.EE.B.7 making it educationally significant while fun-filled!

Whether you’re looking for supplementary resources or planning Fun Friday events—The New Year Around the World | One Step Equations Digital Escape Room fits remarkably well into any class schedule due its adaptable nature! Its self-checking feature allows students immediate feedback on their responses enabling them to track progress at their own pace

Dive beyond conventional textbooks into real-world applications using immersive global themes like travelling around world-renowned international locations right from student's fingertips!

Add this resource from our store to your teaching arsenal and transform learning one-step equations into an enticing, visually-rich experience while also welcoming a New Year—a combination that your students will surely appreciate! With our digital resources that are designed intelligently to weave together captivating visuals with education, every student is set up for success!

What's Included

Pdf with the link to the activity

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