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New Year Italian 2024 Calendar with 12 Proverbs from Italy

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New Year Italian 2024 Calendar with 12 Proverbs from Italy

This New Year 2024 Calendar (PDF) is Ideal for Italian Language Students Abroad Italiano per Stranieri), be it School Students (5th-12th Grade), Homeschooling Classes or ANY Italian Language and Culture Course for Foreign learners Around the World!

This PDF Printable Calendar is given of 12 Amazing Italian Langauge Proverbs and Ways of Sayings. Each month is given of a different one.

The Proverbs and Ways of Sayings that have been selected for this Italian (Italiano per Stranieri) PDF Calendar (2024 new year) are:

  • January = "A Cavallo Donato non si guarda in Bocca"

  • February = "Chi dorme non piglia pesci"

  • March = "Il Lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio"

  • April = "L'Erba del vicino è sempre più verde"

  • May = "Ride bene chi ride ultimo"

  • June = "Il Buongiorno si vede dal mattino"

  • July = "Non è tutto oro quello che luccica"

  • August = "Stare con le mani in mano"

  • September = "Le Bugie hanno le gambe corte"

  • October = "Tra il dire e il fare c'è il mare"

  • November = "Chi si loda si imbroda"

  • December = "Quando il gatto dorme i topi ballano"

This Italian 2024 Calendar with 12 Proverbs and Ways of Sayings from Italy Printable PDF Italian Cultural Teaching Resource (12 slides) can be great for beginner intermediate Italian Language learners. It aims to introduce students to the Best Italian Language Proverbs from Italy.

Italiano con Alan is a Brand New Italian Language and Culture Store that aims to help Italian Language Teachers, Educators and Tutors around the Globe (be it online or offline) to achieve their teaching objectives while creating a fun and stimulating environment. Never Forget! Learning is fun, so learn the Italian Language!

If you want to browse more of my PDF Italian Language and Culture Teaching Resources, click here Italiano con Alan!

This PDF Cultural Italian Food Teaching Resource can also be great for adult and Higher education Italian Language and Culture Classes

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