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New Year's CVC "I" Words Clip Cards - EBOOK

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New Year's CVC "I" Words Clip Cards EBOOK

The New Year's CVC "I" Words Clip Cards EBOOK is an innovative pedagogical tool developed for teachers to strengthen word recognition skills in their pupils. This material proves particularly beneficial for kindergarten, preschool, and students from grade 1 to 2. It introduces various CVC "I" words through appealing representations, making learning a delightful experience.

Utility and Flexibility

This resource adds an engaging dimension to class activities promoting productivity during morning sessions or homework hour. The unique aspect of these cards enables teachers the liberty to implement them in diverse settings — one-to-one tutoring sessions, small group tasks or even full-class indulgence.

Fine Motor Skills Development

A distinctive feature of this tool is its integration with fine motor skill development as learners practice counting while manipulating clothespins. Students review each image at the top of the card then fasten a clothespin onto the accurate corresponding word.

Packaging and Storage

  • These clip cards can be effortlessly stored in small plastic photo cases generally available at craft stores adding convenience.
  • A title card can be attached atop your storage box for easy reference which fits perfectly with independent tasks or group stations alike!

Focusing on 20 frequently used CVC "I" words inclusive of bib, rib, kid, lid among others – it fosters literacy reliably by giving learners a better grasp on simplified English language concepts through visual reinforcement.

EBOOK Contents: This EBOOK comes as a downloadable PDF file comprising ten pages featuring visually engaging holiday-themed cards aimed at celebrating New Years Day crafted mainly within holiday contexts. Moreover, while the holiday subject matter has been infused into its design deliberately, our priority always remains to maintain simplicity yet effectiveness when developing such resources akin to other themed versions featuring 'A', 'E', 'O' & 'U’ vowel sets. Foster academic progression right from preschool up until grade 2 by incorporating the New Year's CVC "I" Words Clip Cards into your curriculum—an inventive method of nurturing intelligent, confident learners who enjoy acquiring new skills.

What's Included

10 pages in PDF format

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CVC words phonics word recognition clip cards fine motor skills

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