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New Year's Hat Coloring and Writing Paper Craft

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Need a fun, quick and engaging paper craft activity for the whole class or for individual students? Try this fun, simple, and easy paper craft hat project for your learners to create in celebration of the new year. This is a low prep and easy to print resource for your learners to create a paper hat. I suggest gluing the paper hat craft onto colorful construction paper and display them in your classroom or homeschooling space. This hat craft is not meant to be worn but to be displayed on the wall or place in a portfolio. Learners will also practice fine motor skills with scissor use and writing their goals for the new year. The goals may be serious or silly and their final step is to have them color and design their project. You may use color or black and white paper for this project. Add other craft materials to this craft such as pom poms, googly eyes, and more. Students may work in a group or individually and share their final project with a show and tell activity. This is also a great project to add for sub days because of how little prep is involved and students will have a lot of fun creating their very own paper hat. You may use this for an independent activity since it is an easy and straight forward craft but it can also be a group activity.

Included in this download:

2 Printable Craft Pages with Writing and Coloring Activity.

1 Terms of Use Page.

For Personal and Educational Use Only.

Need more ideas for use of this resource? Use for art bins, craft days, art centers and homeschool art. I hope that you and your learners have fun and happy crafting!

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