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New York State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal)

New York State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal)
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About This Product

New York State Flipbook

An interactive resource for introducing your students to the unique symbols of the state of New York. This flipbook launchpad explores aspects such as the state's capital, bird, flower, flag, and animal.

Cross-curricular Activity

This low-prep research project is ideal for both classrooms and homeschooling environments. It fits seamlessly into broader state-based study units or can be integrated into writing classes or social studies sessions.

Varying Options and Designs

The project offers two print options catering to different student abilities: a cutting-required version and another without cutting. Diverse designs (with images or without) provide multiple visual layouts to enhance the learning process.

Package Includes:
  • Instructions for assembling four engaging flipbooks from 37 PDF pages.
  • Each book encapsulates seven thematic sections including facts about New York's components like its official bird, flower, flag, animal; along with a state map delineating geographical characteristics.
  • The KWL (know-want-learn) segment that fosters critical thinking skills in students.
All-encompassing bundle:
  • Art-Drawing activities;
  • English Language Arts-Reading tasks;
  • GEOGRAPHY-Tasks around assembling maps;
  • .
  • HISTORY-Narratives uncovering historical anecdotes purposes;
  • . .
  • SCIENCE-Fauna/Flora overview exercises;; . A Curriculum-centered Structure:

    Structured to fit within grades 2-4 curriculums, including Language Arts and Music as mediums of expression– and Social Studies focusing on comprehension, grammar, reading, spelling, writing and American history. Through this flipbook, teachers can revisit these topics while enabling students to appreciate the unique character of New York state in engaging ways.

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