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Night Time Prayer Album of Songs

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About This Product

Night Time Prayer Album of Songs

Night Time Prayer Album of Songs is a unique teaching resource, especially designed for young learners from grade Kindergarten to Grade 2. This album consists of a collection of 22 songs contained within one secure zip file that is compatible with multiple file types.

The compilation revolves around the theme of night-time prayers. It includes instrumental favorites like the timeless "Brahms' Lullaby." alongside charming tunes such as "Fingers And Toes".

Versatility and Use Cases

  • The album can be used at home before bedtimes, offering calming lullabies conducive to sleep.
  • In a school setting, the album may serve during relaxed small-group sessions or even during quiet moments at church gatherings.
  • Homeschools can schedule anatomy study time around this period for a dual purpose learning setup; combining body part identification with peaceful lullabies.

Alignment and Appeal

This resource aligns perfectly with life studies curriculums centered on religion but retains broad-ranging appeal due to its comforting nature which promotes peace among young learners. Apart from serving as an avenue for peaceful slumber, it could be used as an opportunity for quality bonding time through sing-along sessions and ignite passion for music and melodious prayer!

Convenience and Effectiveness

The flexibility offered by this resource ensures convenient use regardless of educational platform size or curricular orientation. It subtly bridges the traditional divide between learning interaction and relaxation periods – all within an harmoniously musical context!

What's Included

1 zip file with 22 songs

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Night Time Prayer Album Songs Lullabies

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