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NO PRINT Articulation Christmas Carols



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About This Product

Using the lyrics and sing-a-longs of Christmas carols in speech therapy is one of my favorite teletherapy tools in the Christmas season. This NO PRINT interactive PDF provides visual cues for skilled intervention, such as highlighted target words for reading hand-picked lyrics and mouth visuals for correct placement. To start at a word level, have your student read or imitate the target words outlined below the lyrics box. To facilitate carryover after your speech session, there are links to YouTube videos provided in the resource that you can use to increase linguistic complexity. Singing songs with correct consonant productions is much harder than reading the lyrics ;).

What makes this interactive and user-friendly?

  • “Home” menu pages to navigate to a selected skill, with the option to return "home" at any point.

  • "Back" and "Next" arrows for easy navigation.

  • Checkable boxes for documenting correct productions.

  • Fillable box for total correct productions.

  • Click on the caroler for a quick link to a YouTube video.

Here's what is included in just 5 Christmas songs for each phoneme:

  • /r/:127 targets.

  • /s, z/: 126 targets.

  • /l/: 71 targets.

  • /ʃ, tʃ, dʒ/: 32 targets.

  • /k,g, ŋ/: 58 targets.

  • /f,v/: 46 targets.

  • /θ, ð/: 55 targets.

What's Included

1 Interactive PDF File compiled with images/activities for the lesson.

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