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NO PRINT Summer Articulation K Edition

An educational teaching resource from Intrepid Speech Therapy Materials entitled NO PRINT Summer Articulation K Edition downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

NO PRINT Summer Articulation K Edition

An interactive and iPad-friendly teaching resource that integrates summer-themed vocabulary into the development of articulation skills, focusing on the /k/ phoneme. This pack aids in enhancing linguistic complexity while making learning engaging and fun. Accommodating both virtual classrooms or traditional face-to-face setups, it reduces the effort of preparation for teachers.

Main Features:
  • Incorporates 24 word positions - 8 in each INITIAL, MEDIAL, and FINAL.
  • Uses single words, phrases, sentences with alternating starting or ending phrases.
  • Features pictures to stimulate visual cognition for better concept connection
  • Includes a story to amplify each word position further increasing student engagement>
Educational Advancements:
The No Print edition takes students from single words to stories via an enjoyable reinforcer game designed specifically to capture student interest.

This flexible learning resource isn't bound by grade levels making it effective across different learner groups perfecting special resources like Speech Therapy tools shape learners' articulative abilities effortlessly!

Mix of Activities:

( The wide variety of activities is themed around summer adding flair to mundane instruction formats promising productive results!

All these fantastic benefits come encapsulated digitally saving you paper and ink too!

The NO PRINT Summer Articulation K Edition is available as an easily downloadable PDF file type that ensures smooth accessibility anytime backing up your educational needs efficiently while reducing carbon footprints little by little!

What's Included

Here's what is included in this extensive pack:

***The 24 pictures include 8 INITIAL, 8 MEDIAL, and 8 FINAL word positions!!***

24 picture stimuli for single words

24 picture stimuli for phrases

24 picture stimuli for rotating sentences

1 story per word position using previously targeted words

Resource Tags

summer articulation interactive learning iPad-friendly language development speech therapy

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