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NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care Listening Comprehension Passages and Questions

NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care Listening Comprehension Passages and Questions
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care Listening Comprehension Passages and Questions

This teaching resource is specifically formulated to captivate the interest of learners from kindergarten to Grade 3 by incorporating their innate liking for pets. It amplifies their receptive and expressive language skills in an interactive virtual pet shop setup.

Certified Care Cards

  • Contained within this unit are seven Certified Care Cards, each offering comprehensive descriptions about various pets including:
    • Dog
    • Cat
    • Mouse
    • Bunny
    • Hermit crab goldfish
    • --and--<\strike>
    , which were meticulously assembled by seasoned teachers specialized in Speech Therapy activities for kids.

    Involving Interactive Assessments with trackable milestones:

    The process involves reading passages followed by answering ten related questions - further enriching students listening comprehension skills stepwise. Successful answers earn them the title of “Certified Volunteers”!

    Smooth Navigation Assured:
  • The PDF-format-file ensures smooth navigation between various content parts using home, back and next buttons to facilitate seamless transitions between sections without interruptive lags.No Print Feature: - Making it user-friendly & cost effective as it can be easily accessed across multiple devices anytime without requirement of any printouts! Vollständig text anzeigen Perfectly adaptable according to different instructional setups. Be it simple tutor-and-student sessions, small collaborative groups or even extended into homework assignments - Ensuring added convenience while learning. In summary, this resource sourced from NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care offers a dynamic amalgamation of engaging pet-related content and core comprehension skills development - Intended for promoting creative learning among the students!

What's Included

Included in this unit:

7 passages for listening comprehension (7 different pets)

10 WH questions for passage to earn a virtual Volunteer Certification

Resource Tags

Listening comprehension Pet care Educational resource Receptive language Expressive language

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